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Spring drive has begun! (information)

Project 680 is a grassroots team effort led by local residents to do something about the problem of student homelessness. Project 680 is all about discovering practical ways to support local students. We are not looking to create enormous and time-consuming programs either, but emphases that are easy to pull off and also make sense for everyone. We are continually keeping our eyes and ears open for what local students need and then we do something about it by getting the community involved.

What are our current needs?

* Hoodies – Adult Medium/Large, Children Medium/Large

* Socks

* Personal Hygiene products. Please note that it is very difficult for the school district to store and distribute personal/travel size (they fall between the wire racks on the storage shelves), so we no longer forward these sizes to them.

Here is an all-year flyer you can use to get started!

Want to give online? You can go to this link (Cordova Community Council) which will take you to the online giving page for the Cordova Community Council (our parent organization - Federal EIN is 20-8488524) and notate P680 in the comments field and it will get directed to Project 680. Or you mail them a check (please write Project 680 in the memo section) at Cordova Community Council, 2729 Prospect Park Dr, Suite 117, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670.

Next Drive - Spring 2017 Drive (final collection date is April 7)

Current Drive - Spring 2017

Time for our spring drive to collect supplies for our homeless students in the school district. From March 6 through April 7, we’ll collect some of the most-needed items according to the Liaison for Homeless Services. We invite your household, friends, business, church, or organization to get involved by donating items or dreaming up another way to support the cause. This is a grassroots volunteer effort, so we love to see the imagination and creativity of the community come alive – especially among kids.

Download a ”Underwear and Socks” drive flyer HERE (PDF)

NEEDS: New Underwear and Socks - Especially
Boxers and Boxer Briefs from our Boys and Young Men!

You can drop off any donations to the locations listed below. We can also accept checks and cash donations through our non-profit 501c3 sponsor. Checks can be made payable to “Cordova Community Council” with a “Project 680” in the memo. You can go to this link (Cordova Community Council) which will take you to the online giving page for the Cordova Community Council (our parent organization) and notate P680 in the comments field and it will get directed to Project 680.

Rancho Cordova
Rancho Cordova City Hall
110 Wembley Court
4252 Mustic Way

Please see our Contact  page or Get Involved  page for more information



2016 Hoodie Drive!

Thanks to everyone that donated ahead of time. If you still have some donations, contact me via this page or you can still drop off at the RC city hall.

Go to our Projects tab to see a picture and counts for the night

Thanks again to everyone! Joe Rich

Other Recent Donations


April 2017: Thank you to Cordova Church of Christ. Michelle Senior brought over 4 bags of undergarments! Very much appreciated


April 2017: Thank you to Streamline of Folsom for the very nice financial donation!! This will be a big help for our shoe drive this fall.


March 2017: Wow - a boy named Jack decided that for his birthday party he was going to request donations to help homeless students! With help from his Mom Jessica, Jack had his party and gave me three bags of new hoodies and personal hygiene products - as well as a nice financial donation. We can all do a little to help our students, but Jack and Jessica you get the gold star. PS - for Jessica this is her second child to decide to help out via a birthday party (I'm going to run out of gold stars).


March 2017: Thank you to the 3rd graders at Empire Oaks Elementary School for their generous gift! And of course, a special thank you to the organizers; Suzy Solorzano, Jennifer Sandfort, Wendy Sol, Cameron Boquet, and Sheila Lauck. It means we can give brand new sweaters to 22 kids that could really use the help. Or 11 kids that need new shoes will have shoes that fit and keep their tootsies dry.


Dec 2016: A big thank you to the members of the Sacramento Paddle Pushers (Kayak club) who chose Project 680 as their charity for their party. I picked up some cash donations and over 8 bags of supplies! 15 hoodies, 32 pairs of socks, 6 bottles of shampoo/conditioner, and assorted containers of deodorant, soap and toothpaste!!

August 2016: We just received the collections of a VBS from three Rancho Cordova churches - Very nice!! United Methodist RC, Cordova Baptist Church, and St Clements Episcopal got together and used Project 680 as their mission project for the kids to donate. They gave us 69 toothbrushes, 178 pairs of socks, some hoodies and polo shirts, and a cash donation to purchase more hoodies and shirts! Thank you to the kids, the VBS teams, and especially to the organizers of the event.


May 2016: Oh my! Just got back from visiting with the Interact Club of Folsom Lake High School. Through their efforts, they gave me 0ver 15 hoodies, three bags of hygiene products, and another bag of polo shirts and socks. Wow - thanks guys!!!